Alterations and Repair

Modernization is our department that specializes in the removal of outmoded equipment and the installation of new, up-to-date equipment. We work with you when it comes to this intricate, but vital process neccessary to keep your elevator safe and efficient.

If you are interested in having your equipment renovated, you can expect to work closely with our team to build a custom plan specific to your building and needs as a customer. We also offer a wide range of products for your selection, as well as several superior parts from our carriers of which we are a certified vendor.

Our crews are also specialized in large repairs that fall outside of a regular maintenance contract. Efficient in our time and work, we usually are able to finish ahead of schedule, and at a level of quality unmatched by our competitors. 

Call us today to see what service we offer that best suits your needs. From repairs, modernizations, or even new installs, we do it all!